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Name:Tansy (tansyuduri)
Birthdate:May 12
Location:United States of America
Screenname: tansyuduri.
Age: 21.

Type: Writer, Sometimes artist.
Speciality: Fiction, Poetry.

Loves: reading, writing,
Hates: idots, self rightous prigs, lies

Characteristics: Smart, stubborn, honest, thinker, unique, creative, anylitical, carring, angsty, walking contradiction.

Fandoms: FMA (2003 anime), The Elder Scrolls.

Interests (16):

a knight's tale, anything by tamora peirce, avatar, avatar tlab, claymore, ever after, fma (2003), goddess of yesterday, penelope, reading, rping, stravaganza... too many to say!, the leaper, the man from earth, the matrix, writing
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